Refer to the below table to get familiar with the commonly used terminologies throughout the API documentation.

EHRAn Electronic Health Record (EHR) is an electronic version of a patients medical history.
PMSA Practice Management Software is software that helps a practice run day to day operations like scheduling and billing. It often includes EHR like capabilities as well.
Heath Record SystemA general term for an EHR or PMS that NexHealth can connect to.
Integrated resourceAn API resource that reads/writes data to/from the integrated system.
Non-integrated resourceAn API resource that does not read/write back to the integrated system.
OperatoryOperatory is a term for the vertical columns in scheduling software and represents the physical space where a medical or dental procedure takes place. The term is often interchangeable with 'room', 'chair' or 'column'.

NB: Most scheduling softwares require all appointments to be assigned to a provider and operatory. A provider might work exclusively out of one operatory or they may share it with other providers. Office scheduling practices will vary greatly so be sure to consult with your partner office before configuring operatory settings for appointment availability.
ProviderAny staff member that can provide services.