Get started with Postman

Our Postman collection is one of the easiest ways to make your first API request. If you haven't used Postman before, you can think about it like an easy interface for making requests with a couple clicks and it's completely free to use.

Forking the Collection

To get started, open this link in a new tab. This copies our collection and environment to your Postman account. If you don't already have a free account you'll be prompted to create one.

Setting up your Environment

Once you've forked our collection you'll want to set up your environment so you can start making requests. If you already requested access to our API, you should have received a location ID, subdomain, and API token. You can populate these in the environment tab by clicking on "Environments" then "NexHealth API Environment" in the left panes as shown below.

By keeping subdomain, location ID, and your API token in the environment you can easily reuse them across multiple requests without copy and pasting.

Managing Authorization

To start making requests head to "Collections" in the left pane and click on "post Authenticates". The NexHealth Synchronizer API requires users to provide a bearer token that expires every 1 or 24 hours depending on your environment, so before you get started accessing healthcare data you have to get authenticated. To manage this in postman you can make your first request by clicking on "post Authenticates" then "Send". This will return a bearer token that can be used to make further requests. Make sure your environment is selected from the drop down in the upper right hand corner.

To make things easier for you, we've written a very small node script which you can see in the "Tests" tab that will automatically add this bearer token to your active environment. So once you post to /authenticates you should be able to query any other API endpoints.

Making more Requests

Now you can head back to "Collections" in the left pane and click on "View Appointments". Then you can make this request by clicking the blue Send button on the right.

For future request you can uncheck and modify parameters in the center area to make sure you are getting the information you are interested in.