Read the Payment Ledger

Within a health record system, the payment ledger is where all financial transactions are tracked. The ledger contains transactions between a given patient and practice, and an overall patient balance measuring how much the patient owes the practice.

Transactions fall into three categories: Payments, Adjustments, and Charges.

  • Payments represent the patient paying for a service and reduce the balance.
  • Charges represent the patient being charged for a service often a procedure and increase the balance.
  • Adjustments represent the practice adding or subtracting to the patient balance. Adjustments can be applied for a variety of reasons including employee discounts, write offs, and late fees.

Accessing the Patient Balance

To access a patients current balance make a Get request to the /patients as shown below and access the "balance" property as shown in the response below.

Make sure to fill in your subdomain, location, and bearer token.

curl --request GET \
     --url '' \
     --header 'Accept: application/vnd.Nexhealth+json;version=2' \
     --header 'Authorization: Bearer YOUR_BEARER_TOKEN'

In the example response below you can see that John Anthony owes this practice 62 dollars.

    "id": 415,
    "email": "[email protected]",
    "first_name": "John",
    "middle_name": "Anthony",
    "last_name": "Smith",
    "name": "John Smith",
    "created_at": "2020-06-05T20:16:57.007Z",
    "updated_at": "2020-06-05T20:16:57.007Z",
    "institution_id": 0,
    "foreign_id": "string",
    "foreign_id_type": "--DataSource-",
    "bio": {
    "phone_number": "5163042196",
    "date_of_birth": "1964-05-03"
    "inactive": false,
    "last_sync_time": "string",
    "guarantor_id": 0,
    "unsubscribe_sms": true,
    "balance": {
    "amount": "62.00",
    "currency": "USD"