Institutions and Locations

All NexHealth resources belong to an Institution and or Location.

What is an Institution?

An institution represents a logical grouping of practices and their data sources. All practice based resources are members of an institution.

Working within an Institution

Specifying the institution whose data you want to work with is easy, just provide the subdomain name in the subdomain query parameter e.g. ?subdomain=example-subdomain. This locks the query to one specific institution. Most endpoints require that this parameter is specified. If you attempt to access an institution that you don't have access to, you will receive a 403 Forbidden response.


A location represents a physical practice through which all patient interactions occur; e.g. patient communication, booking an appointment, new patient intake, etc.

API access is provided on a per location basis. You will have to request access to each location through our partner portal.

Resources which exist within a location require that you provide a location id as a parameter in each request. Specifying a location id that doesn't exist within the institution will result in a 404 Not Found response.


Store Subdomains and Locations Ids

Since you will likely be providing the subdomain and location_id in your requests often and these values are unlikely to change, it is a good idea to periodically perform a GET request to /locations and store the response data for reuse. Thus saving extraneous API calls.

Important Location Configuration Flags

map_by_operatoryIf true, requires that bookings are performed taking operatory availability into account.
insert_appt_clientIf true, appointments created with this location will be pushed into the health record system.
appt_types_map_by_operatoryIf true, appointment types map to operatories instead of providers

What’s Next

Check out the reference documentation for these resources and make a request.