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Patient Balance

Currently patient balance object is still in progress and will always return an amount of "0". Once completed later in 2024, this field will be calculated by a combination of the patient's charges, payments and adjustments.

Please note that the following fields are in beta and as such are subject to change. As of June 2024, all values will be null. Once implemented, this will be null for EHRs that don't support these fields, or for integrations for which reading this field has not been implemented. NexHealth plans to add support for Dentrix, DxE, Open Dental and Eaglesoft in 2024.


Example: "Standard Billing - finance charges"

These types are customizable in the EHRs and so the values are somewhat arbitrary. Related Dentrix blog post:


Example: "017407"

Chart ID is like an alternate patient ID. It's especially useful for Dentrix/DxE because in the EHR UI it's the patient ID that the user actually works with. Open Dental only has a chart_id if they’re an orthodontic patient.


Example: "es"

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